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Klonopin? I drank 5 mg, when it begins to take effect? Thank you. :)?

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LaurieShay 20 Jan 2015

You should have already felt the results of doing this. I must ask if your prescribed dose is 5mgs at one time? Seems a bit much for one dose of this type med. Please take as prescribed.

DrDavidB 22 Jan 2015

Do you mean .5 (point 5 Mg's), or 5 Mg's) ? 5 Mg's is a large dose. I take Klonopin, and I take 2Mg's 3 times per day, and my Dr. says I'm "maxed out", so my total dosage is 6 Mg's per day. I am hoping you mean 0.5Mg's. The other way (5 Mg's) is too much.
Anyway, it should take effect in 1 hour. For some people, it takes 2 days of taking the meds for it to reach it's full effect, but normally, it takes effect immediately.

Yesmary 22 Jan 2015

I mean 0.5 Mg's. c:

DrDavidB 22 Jan 2015

Whew! That's better. may i ask you a question? Is this your first Ant-Anxiety medication, or have you taken different meds in the past?

Yesmary 22 Jan 2015

It's my first hahahaha.

DrDavidB 22 Jan 2015

OK, so you really don't know what to expect from the medication. It's hard to tell if a new medicine is working or not if you don't know how you will react to it.
In other words, you can't tell if it's working yet. After taking it for a week or so, you will know if it's working if you miss a dose, and you feel "weird" without it. free discount card

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