I have been taking Klonopin for 3 years- I started off the first year taking .5 mg, then went to 1mg (this is a daily dose) for another year. About 10 months ago I started tapering myself back down to .5mg so I would take 1mg one day and .5 the next, then two months ago I started doing 1mg one day, .5 the next two days, then about 2 weeks ago I started doing .5 .5 .5 then a full. I am not sure what is going on now but for the last 2ish weeks I have been severely nauseous in the morning and night finding it difficult to eat, major panic attacks with convulsions in the legs and feeling scared- it's the WORST! I am going straight to taking .5mg daily instead of adding the full 1mg dose in there to see if that was my issue. Can anyone tell me if this is normal going down just .5mg in a dose or if I should seek out medical attention if it sounds like something else may be wrong... I am getting worried but if this is normal withdrawal I don't want to over react. Again I'm not going completely off of the med I am just decreasing my dosage. Thank you!