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Klonopin - I just went on clonazpram cannot sleep get jitters how long will this last?

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chuck1957 22 Oct 2013

Hi lauralynnsar; This is not very comman with Klonopin to make you jitter and not be able to sleep,It is used for just the opisite use my friend are you taking other meds that might be causeing a interaction.Do you get your meds all from the same doctor and pharmacy this is very importaint then you have a complete team working on you to make sure you don't have interactions ect i friended you so you can send me a dirrect post and i well see it in my email and answer you faster IF you have been taking this for 3 to 5 days and this is still happening please call the doctor or the nurse in charge and let them know that you are having problems have you ever takine other benzo's like valium,xanax,librim,ativan just asking because could be you can't take benzo's but for now if you have been taking this for the time i said i would call the office. what are they giving this to you for dear..feel free to contact me
Chuck Wise Sr. Retired pharmacy Techniecian Cpht OREGON.

lauralynnsar 22 Oct 2013

I was on Xanax for a long tome 3mg a day they were not working anymore so they put me on the clonaprazm so no more Xanax could I be in withdrawals?

Dumpster Diver 23 Oct 2013

Hi chuck, excuse me for asking, but what does Cpht OREGON mean?~~DD~~

Delila 23 Oct 2013

Hi, some of the more common potential side effects can be as follow: shakiness and unsteady walk, trouble with sleeping, unsteadiness, trembling, or other problems with muscle control or coordination. Although as Chuck has said these aren't desired effects, but maybe this isn't the right medication for you? Of course if you have started this medication recently is can take time for your body to adjust. See how you go for a few days or so, and if no improvement, seek advice. I'm sorry but i can't answer the question of the possibility of withdrawals from the Xanax... hopefully someone else can help? free discount card

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