I have bad anxiety that is taking over my life at first i thought it was a heart attack or me stessing to much about life itself, I've seen heart doctors and everything is ok there . Finally after my own research and going to my dotors several times .Its anxiety, The doctor prescribed me first xanax.5mg 3X a day and lexapro10mg 1x a day, after 2 weeks of lexapro I had to stop it . I had ever side affect it can give you.I thought I was gonna die I felt like a person on dope , .Hated it totally! but kept taking my xanax which is helping alot but I noticed it wears off to quick where i start getting my eposides again. So I went to the doctor after a month on these two medications and they said lets try something else because I wouldn't take the Lexapro no more . But don't understand why they took me off of the xanax , which was the only thing helping me. He gave me buspirone 7.5mg- in this dosage 1tab 2x day for 3 days ,2 tabs 2x a day for 3 days and then 2 tabs 2x a day thereafter with klonopin 0.5 twice a day. Sorry for the french but WAT THE F%$#@, they made me worse I have so many side affect its unbelieveable .. Im worse then when I started ,, What am I their Guinea pig..I was fine with just the xanax and they took it away what i do ... im going crazy! I call themgo to the office and they look at me like im the crazy one ... I wish these doctors can live in my feet for at least 1 episode of this anxiety attacks. IM NOT CRAZY PEOPLE .ANXIETY is taking over my life this is very serious condition... what to do ..who do i go to who do i talk to cause It seems like these doctors what to give you what they want not what makes you feel netter. I know what makes me feel better . kolopin makes me angry and irrable... im pissed off all day , i feel like im bipolar whit these meds!!!