I was had severe depression/bipolar/and panic attacks about 6 years ago. I was prescribed Klonopin and once it hit my system, boy it changed my whole outlook on life. I'd go from such a deep sadness to almost euphoric. I was on 1mg at the time. I took them for a couple of years, working my way up to 4mg a day/1mg four times a day and then felt I no longer needed them so I came off them a couple years ago. Here now I have found myself in the same position I was in years ago. Everyday is a struggle. I feel nothing but sadness all day. I feel complete hopelessness and so depressed. I started back on the klonopin as well as the antidepressants I was on before and I was expecting that same "different outlook on life" the klonopin gave me before however it didn't affect me in that way.I'm on the same dose I was on when I stopped taking them before. It helps with my anxiety for the most part I suppose but I was really counting on that feeling to numb the emotional pain I'm in so to speak. Why, even though it has been years since being on it, would it not affect me to same? I've thought about taking all four at once to see if that may help but I'm afraid it would only make me sleepy. Any suggestions, advise, anything would be appreciated as I am so tired of suffering these God awful feelings every sec of the day. Do to finances I can not see my Dr as often as I'd like. Someone please tell me something. Thank you!