Hi my psychiatrist just prescribed me Klonapin. She said to take .5 of a 1mg pill a day. I started taking 1/4th and it was okay for less than a week. Then I went to .5 (1/2) of a 1 mg pill and it was helping. After that I also had to start Wellbutrin for depression. I read that wellbutrin makes you anxious. So after taking wellbutrin I was taking the full .5 (1/2) a day. After about 3 days with the wellbutrin I was feeling very anxious. I called my Dr. and asked if I can take 1mg. She left me a message saying she no longer will do this on the phone and any dosage changes I have to go in to the office. But it is a very long commute for me with the bus and I have major problems in my house. I just saw her a week ago. Is it okay if I just add 1/4 more of the pill daily? I have them all cut 1/2s and 1/4s. On the bottle she wrote 1mg 3x a day. She did it to help me and so I would have enough. She told me to take 1/2 but she wrote that because you are supposed to see a dr. 1x a month when you are on it but she did me the favor because of me not having a car right now etc. Also I take buspar also 4x a day 15 mg which does nothing. I was taking that alone before I went on to taking Klonapin and Wellbutrin.

The last 2 days I added just 1/4 more and it is helping. That is cutting 1/2 of a 1mg pill in half again. I take it 6 hours after the half.

I mean on the bottle if she originally wrote 1 mg 3x a day. I did not think taking an extra little tiny 1/4 piece would be a big deal.

I need to get to her office soon but I have so many other appointments with the therapist etc.

I am torn with all of this.

I definitely noticed a difference with wellbutrin. I only take 100mg of wellbutrin.

I am under an immense amount of stress that is unimaginable. I am still crying all day long but I am only on wellbutrin 6 days.

You think the 1/4s more is ok of Klonapin?