So I recently took in a stray kitten, about 4-6 weeks old. She had abrasions on her head and her tail seemed to be broken but we couldn't afford a vet and it didn't bother her too bad. Until last night when her tail just FELL OFF at the break. We put Vaseline on it but she wouldn't let us bandage it and it was still dripping blood/skin whenever it touched anything almost 24 hours later.

I have read that the spine extends to the tail and there are a lot of nerve endings and stuff there. It was bleeding nonstop, and shed get mad and attack her tail when she ran into things with it. Again, she will NOT let me put anything over it.

Grandpa told me to put "axle grease" on her tail, because thats what he did to certain animals on his farm when he was younger and their tails were amputated.
I did it. However litter got stuck to it and I was worried she was still in pain because she kept meowing in a strange way.

I had a prescription for hydrocodone 7.5 mg, I crushed a piece of one (maybe 1/6th) and gave her a SMALL bit of it with the tip of my finger. She started slobbering and licking like crazy, (I think because their tongues hold the nasty flavor a lot longer than humans) and I gave her some treats and pet her profusely until she stopped slobbering. She's now laying on my lap purring, and slowly dozing off. She seems to be calm and okay, but I'm worried she may not be able to handle the medicine like humans do.

Does anyone have any advice for tails falling off and how to take care of them without causing further damage? I can't afford the vet. We have one veterinarian in my small town and they're not a sliding scale place. Any advice or safe medications to give her, aside from taking her to a vet, would be greatly appreciated!