My Dr. told me I had "a little Fat Blood". As usual, I assumed, assumed that "fat blood comment meant lay off the pints of Ben & Jerry's. See, I don't know if he thinks I won't understand "High Cholestrol" - but even that... what really is "fat blood"? IS it high cholesterol? I didn't want to hurt his pride by asking. He is off-the-boat Chinese - I do not want him to think his English skills suck. Stupid!
This is a new doctor for me, and I chose him coz "all the nurses go to him" from my local hospital. But our communication sucks.
I think part of the problem is a people-pleasing tendancy - so not want to make waves. But that is not all it is. I am thinking part of it is because I use Medicare and MediCal. I think I am letting these Dr.'s take me for granted because I feel some how less than because, I am serious here, I don't have some kinda gold-plated private frikk@n health insurance policy . I don't want to be a bother.
And I am not trying to paint my doctor's at fault. It is up to me to I suppose, to value my time and my health.
What a dunce I am - my therapist has patiently been trying to teach me this truth - that I count, that I can claim what I want/need, without apologizing for asserting myself - we'll for a couple years now.
I think what I need to do is make an appointment with my GP and go there just to find out what fat blood is supposed to mean, and otherwise to be the one they bitch about with their after hours Martini, from this point on.
anyways - I am going to post this one for comment, I thought it was going to be a question -like how to get more details from my doctors during visits - well o0kay - there is my question. I already bring lists.
Since I am here - do any of you know any good cat care sights?