I feel that I've been experiencing a lot of symptoms for years but lately it's gotten worse I always believed were normal but I'm really struggling to focus on simple tasks at work at home I lose interest or forget to do something like when given instructions I forget the smallest details I lose things all the time it's hard for me to sustain a conversation or to listen I also get distracted very easy amongst other things for example I forget a lot of things like what I ate the day before or if I brushed my teeth in the morning I can't follow through with tasks like cleaning my room or when I need to organize something I'm very messy also when I'm working I get tired of thinking too hard and for years I've struggled to keep a job or to start and keep a relationship with anyone cause of lack of interest. And I really need help figuring out what to do and read on the drugs. Com website examples of what others have been through and how they feel of they're symptoms and feelings and I'd like to know if I should seek psychiatric or psychological help so I could have a proper diagnosis and to see if Adderall or any medication like it could help my situation and my help me focus on my every day life so I could have a better future thank you for your help.