I’m 17 turning 18 soon and I’ve been diagnosed with PCOS. The doctors said it was mild, but the hair thinning at the crown of my head as well as the acne, excessive body hair and uneven fat distribution is really bothering me.
I looked up treatments and found that Spirolactone (Aka: Aldactone) is a good solution but I also heard it may cause hair loss which is the opposite of what I want. The other is Flutamide and I also heard good things about this treatment as well. As for birth control I don’t know how good it will help my symptoms so I’m skeptical. And I want to know if these pills once stopped will all the symptoms return? And how effective they are at treating my symptoms above^

Right now I’m taking Vitex (chaste berry) because I saw online multiple reviews praising it, I want to know if it’s even remotely effective because it’s a herbal route rather than a prescription drug.

Thank you!