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What kind of pain is there after an endoscopy?

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Windchimes123 27 Jan 2017

You shouldn't experience any pain after an endoscopy.
Good luck

abn207 28 Jan 2017

I've had 4 endoscopies and never any pain afterwards. If you're having pain, please consult your doctor.

Stephen Treloar 28 Jan 2017

I've had a few, absolutely zero discomfort.

Tee6759 28 Jan 2017

I agree with the others here. There shouldn't be any pain after one. I've had numerous endoscopies and never experienced any pain. If you are experiencing pain, please contact your doctor immediately and follow his/her directions to the letter! Best wishes!

jenninesmith0525 31 Jan 2017

Pain free!!! Worst case scenario you might have a little tickle for a few hours after, but nothing to worry about :)

contripp 1 Feb 2017

Thanks to everyone for all your answers! All very helpful. I had the procedure done last Friday and all is well. No pain at all! free discount card

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