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What kind of doctor could best assess multiple med sensitivities and suggest options?

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kaismama 1 Mar 2015

Actually its the pharmacist that is best educated to do that.

burny 1 Mar 2015

Thanks for the reply. I have talked with my pharmacist and they agree I have a problem but I would like to find a doctor who might have a little insight into a possible solution. I have COPD and hypertension and have neuromuscular side effects from the meds that are painful enough to be disabling. I have tried different meds and am on the lowest possible doses but it still happens. I really don't want to take pain meds which will probably give me more side effects and just wondered if a neurologist or rheumatologist or possibly an allergist might have and ideas. One pharmacist did mention a possible allergic response I don't know if its possible to tell that from a side effect without testing.

Burny... burning feet, another side effect :-) free discount card

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