I don't know how, but I became addicted to oxys and hydros which has been going on for about 3 months. I was taking about 30mgs of oxy a day and maybe a vike on top of that then it escalated. I was then taking usually 90mgs a day of oxycodone a day (30 in the morning and 60 right before dinner time). I am on day 2 of subs (taking about 4mgs a day and everything is well)--

I want to know if I can use suboxone for only one week. Physical w/d for oxy and hydros last about 7 days. If I take about 4 mgs the first few days and start to tapper down, will I feel w/d of the suboxone. I work 5 days a week and simply just can't go through w/d. Please give me some insight, as I really don't want to go to a doctor. I have a problem that I think i can manage.