I would occasionally get kidney infections, but seldom drink anything with caffeine in it anymore, maybe once a month, when I use to get the infections, I would start drinking lots of water to flush the infection out and it worked.

This past Christmas(2012) I had kidney stones, I they never have really bothered me like they have over the last few weeks, it would feel like I am peeing razor blades and like there is a stone that is trying to get out and I wished I could squeeze it out. One day, while at work, several times I peed, it as like I was peeing coca cola and it was thicker than normal pee. By the evening it cleared up somewhat. about once every couple of weeks since then, my pee is kind of pink and darker. Well, the last 3 days, when I pee, it burns like crazy and even after I am done, it still feels like I need to pee. It has a pinkish look to it again, it was really dark once, but now back to the pinkish color. I am on 2 med's for blood pressure(Diovan, Lopressor), 2 meds for cholesterol(Lovaza - prescription fish oil, Livalo - statin drug). I also take a 50,000 IU of Vitamin D weekly, low-dose aspirin for my heart, once a day.

I have severe pain in my back on the right side, it feels like my whole body is tingling, mainly arms, legs, feet and head

Anything else, you can think of, please ask me and I will answer you.

Thank you in advance for your time.