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I have kidney disease was told to get off of metformin. Any suggestions. Type two?

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Uncltodd 1 Nov 2016

I have to ask, you were "told to"??? by a physician? Your post indicates that you have type 2 diabetes and some form of kidney disease... The two could easily be related! Please explain your concerns to a doctor you trust, maybe even two... Please be careful, research about diabetes and kidney problems is ongoing, my personal physician, a "GP', expects me to stay informed about diabetes research! On-line forums are great, but I always VERIFY information I read.

amarsailles 13 Feb 2017

Metformin belongs to a class of drugs that can cause lactic acidosis- a potentially fatal buildup of acids in the body. How common that is with Metformin itself is unclear. It is generally very rare but the risk rises with kidney problems and again the condition can be FATAL so be careful. It can also happen suddenly with little to no warning

There are many other drugs you can use to treat diabetes. Talk to your doctor to asses the risks for each one- all drugs have side effects. What's right for you depends on your response to a drug free discount card

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