so i have been clean for 60 days. i feel increasingly awsome each day and i was just wondering how long will it be before i am 100% emotionally over this addiction. am i just going to keep feeling better (how could i i already feel great)? i have no cravings, or desire whatsoever to use opiates. am i over it or should i expect some bumps later on? i feel better than i can ever remember feeling not only on oppiates but before i ever used them... i had a 90 to 180 mg oxy habbit depending on the day of course. took suboxone, long story short insurrance screwed me i relapsed got some boy and went through wd from it and the suboxone at the same time... i went to rehab got through acute wd and bam taxs came in the mail... no need for explination there... i continued to use heavily... got to where i could use 90 mg 1 to 2 times a week with no serious wd and then just decided to quit... any input or what to expec t next would be appreciated