Am I the only person who has "family" that drives them absolutely crazy? How can a person with chronic pain deal with the daily mental games from people who are suppose to help support us? My chronic pain wears me down physically and the mental stress makes it impossible for me to leave the house now. I'm 64 yrs old and still expected to do all that I was once able to do. 4 shoulder surgeries 2 of which were replacements, knee replacement, gall bladder, thyroid, and 2 cataracts removed, plus carpal tunnel surgery, fibromyalgia and ulcers from Celebrex. I need to move but have a hard time even finding the energy to get dressed. I know alot of this is depression which I do take meds for. I just needed to vent, I went to the Dr. yesterday 1st I've been out of house in weeks. Are there others out there who lack emotional support? How do you get through your day? Is there a forum for emotional support from these chronic diseases and the pain? If there isn't there should be. Thanks for listening. Feel better already just getting my feelings off my chest. What I would really like is for someone just to pack me up and take me away( like the calgon commercials) that won't happen so I just need to take charge of my own life and destiny( here's where the kick in pants is needed). I use to be able to do that.