Has anyone heard of restorative ketamine IV treatment? Dr. grass in Florida where you go three days straight in a row. The doctor has a very good resume. Even worked at Yale where they develop the ketamine treatments for depression I have researched it so much and all the different clinics have different ideas of how to do the treatment it's very frustrating. And as you know extremely expensive. I would not bother with nasal or intramuscular due to the low improvement compared to Iv. I live in Monterey so Any centers within an hour to an hour and a half would be great. Or I might just go to Florida and try three day restorative treatment. Please chime in and let me know if you've had IV ketamine treatments or restorative ketamine IV treatments. Thanks!

I have had suicidal ideation depression for 35 years and I am treatment resistant and have acquired tardive dyskinesia Constant involuntary movement of my tongue and doesn't seem like it will go away . I have been on every medication imaginalable and combinations. I have been up-and-down and up-and-down so many times. I am told because of a target dyskinesia I cannot take any antipsychotics ever again which Zyprexa after 13 days always relieve suicidal ideation. (But then I crashed while on zyprexa )and possibly no other antidepressant medications again. I had ECT two different times. The first one 12 rounds lasted about two weeks to years later 28 treatments and all suicidal thoughts were gone for 10 years! Although I still battled depression and had to be on meds but it was a great 12 years compared to all the years before. I was able to go back to work part time, take care of my mom with Alzheimer's and have a boyfriend for 2 1/2 years! but I suffered severe memory loss and cognitive impairment the second time even though it worked great I would do it again but they told me with my memory loss it's not an option anymore. I recently did the rTMS at Stanford University but after four weeks I was not a responder so they stopped. Luckily there is a doctor here at Stanford doing research using theta burst TMS. Treatment lasted only five days. It worked for one week I was depression free! Usually last two weeks to three months and then have to do it again. So unfortunately I am back at Stanford doing it again and they want me to go to a ketamine clinic right after I finish this treatment until the open a ketamine clinic here at Stanford. Treatment at Stanford would only cost $30 a session for IV ketamine infusion compared to $1000 per session. I have no other options! I've been in and out of hospital several times, support groups for years which I highly recommend to people. Also, I would do rTMS before ECT OR IV KETAMINE. My insurances covered 100% of the TMS! And I don't have to pay for THeat burst because it is research.