My seziures started may 8,2009 and had to quit working. I have partial and grandmaul. I've been tried on several meds for this. The meds I was on within the first year made me extreamly sick. loosing 40lbs. in the first month kinda. Although the first Nuro Doc I saw changed meds on me every month when I told him I was still having sezuires . Finally was sent to UAB in Alabama. I went into epilipitic status DEc 31, 2009 my local docs let me sez for 7 hrs before calling UAB. I was put into a coma and airlifted to UAB stayed that way for 8 days. My docs have gotten the seizures down to 2-5 a day sometimes skipping up to 7-10 days. Before that it was at least 7-24 or 25 daily, maybe skipping only 1-3 days. I never have just 1 always in clusters. Right now my docs are just trying to keep me from having to be put back into a coma or worse. Please any suggestion on mine or different meds would help. Just looking for info to talk to my doc about on next appt. Oh and I did have a VNS implant put in . It only helps partial seizures my doc really wasn't for it he knew it wouldn't fix all my problems after much begging he agreed. I apologize for the length of this. Its the 1st time I did anything like this. Thanks for listing!!! Current meds keppra750mg 2/ morn 2/night Zonegran 100mg each 2/morn- 2/night vimpat 200mg 1/twice daily Ativan 0.5mg after seizure. I'm at a loss and don't know what to talk ot the doc about. I really need some guidance. Thank you to anyone who listened!!
Mary R.