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Does keppra xr and the generic form of keppra xr have the same stuff in it?

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Marvell 16 May 2013

Yes, Keppra XR and the generic of Keppra XR has the same active ingredient, levetiracetam.

DzooBaby 17 May 2013

The active ingredient is the same but it may have different inert ingredients.

DzooBaby 17 May 2013

Your pharmacist should be able to tell you if the inert ingredients differ and what they are. Inert ingredients are inactive ingredients that make a pill a pill-things like binders and such.

bestpup 17 May 2013

Definitely! Before I started the seizure medication I asked both my neurologist and my pharmacist. The generic and the brand name both have the same ingredients.
Hope this helped.

londonpumpkin 4 May 2017

NO. When I started taking Keppra XR only the brand name was available, when generics started becoming available my doctor and his staff were very nervous. Everyone there said that the brand name is pretty much the best, however some people have done well on certain manufacturers of generics and they only let some patients take certain generics after carefully reviewing their EEG's. Certain generic versions of Keppra XR my doctor will not let anyone to take as some who were doing well and seizure free on the brand name who changed to a generic started having seizures. Inactive ingredients do change the way the active ingredient works. free discount card

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