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Keppra - I cant sleep I go to bed takes me 3 to 4 hrs to get to sleep?

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kaismama 22 Feb 2013

There are some basic things you can do to get to sleep. No tv or computer for 2 hrs before bed, have a glass of milk at bedtime, keep your room absolutely dark, and sometimes just taking a tylenol will help with any little aches that might be troubling in the background. When you go to bed, don't defeat yourself by thinking here I go again, another sleepless night. Try to think of pleasant things and relax.

ErikLakies 22 Feb 2013

Hello, what you can do is to try to go to the gym and get tired so you can sleep all night.

Delila 23 Feb 2013

Hi, how long have you been taking Keppra? Does it coincide with your trouble sleeping? If so speak to your doctor about adding something to aid sleep. The suggestions given to help you 'drop off' are all good as well.

smileyhappy 23 Feb 2013

Hi riosfrances,

Have you tried Melatonin. It's natural and at the pharmacy. I use a prescription when needed of Trazodone. free discount card

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