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Keppra - how long till works/?

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Anonymous 22 Aug 2012

Hello zuesangel. Pure guess, I would believe close to a few days time. Not much longer, and depending of course on the dose. Best of wishes and health to you, pledge

bumblebee90 22 Aug 2012

Good afternoon Pledge. How's you're week been going for you? Mine's going fast. We're picking my 18 yr. old up Saturday night from Atlanta airport. It will make things a little less boring for me. lol. Oh, my bad for asking that question earlier. Wasn't thinking. Forgive me? Well I better get ready to pick up the baby of the bunch. He's doing so good Pledge. Take care friend, Ruthie

Anonymous 22 Aug 2012

Hello Ruthie. Glad that the little one is enjoying his schooling days. and your oldest is coming home, good company all around. The question you mentioned? Unless its directed at me, I ignore the chit chats. There was a member, who began a heart to heart with another member under my Avatar and I told them both to either friend one another, or begin another talk but not under my answer. To date, both have shunned me and I could not care less. One, it makes my life easier not reading others life stories which are none of business to begin with and two, I simply don't care .A lot of people share thier inner. most thoughts, for the world to read and that is thier right, however I as you know Ruthie am not one of them. :-0) Having said that, enjoy the beautifull weather, sun is out, birds are feeding and our pups are sound asleep.Bye bye now. free discount card

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