I was diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis in 1995. I had my first experience with it at age 13. I'd go thru spells of this terrible bladder pain with no infection detected, only blood in the urine. I've had everything you can think of instilled into my bladder including experimental potions... I did have periods of "remission" thru out until I turned 35. It became chronic everyday debilitating pain. I have learned diet plays a large part in avoiding laying in bed with a heating pad. So age 35 my Urologist sent me to a Pain Specialist. I was on Oxycontin for six years with great pain control,able to hold a job etc... then in 2001 I moved 857 miles away to Ohio. My NC Pain Dr referred me to Cleveland Clinic which I followed for about six years til I couldn't make the hour and a half drive monthly. My question is this. Why can I not find a pharmacy wanting to fill my script for 150mg Kadian twice per day? I swear they look at me like I'm drug addict. All they have to do is go to their Pharmacy Board thing that shows when & where I've had my script filled the previous month. Plus I have insurance & I pay a copay. Previously the script was faxed by the dr to a pharmacy which is closed now. It's terrible for a legitimate chronic pain sufferer to go all over town trying to find someone to fill this medicine!