I was diagnosised with JME after noticing my arms were jerking or I was dropping things in the early morning. I was 14 then. The JME got worse, I started knocking over glasses and it progressed not just in the morning. It was more frequent and throughout the day. I was put on drugs. I had my first tonic-clonic seizure at a school dance during night. I've been having tonic-clinics since that day (exposed to flashing lights, exhausted, not taking medicine, hyperventilating). My grades have gotten worse due to lose of memory from seizures and concentration/attention. I have several scars from falling from seizures alone. Some in the shower. I want this to stop. I'm 17 and I don't have my permit because of seizures and I've been told that people die from epilepsy while driving. I'm scared. I don't want this. I've been told that epilepsy can go away on its own without any seizures. Is this true? With my case? No jerking? No tonic-clonics? I can live my life without being afraid and scared and depressed?