... My seven year old daughter has systemic JIA. She has been on methotrexate for 20 months and Ilaris for 14 months. Her major symptoms have been well controlled with those two drugs. As of lately, she has been developing extremely painful sores. She has ulcers in her mouth and nose. I have been allowing her to use a mouthwash, which has helped the ones in her mouth. I don't know what to do for her nose though. At first I thought it was from the dry air, so I gave her saline spray, which didn't help. Then we used some antibiotic ointment on a q tip for a few nights. Nothing is helping though. Her little nose is so sore and red. The sores inside her nose will bleed occasionally and hurt so badly that she doesn't want anyone to touch her face. Any suggestions? I don't know if these ulcers are a symptom of the auto immune disorder or a side effect of the medicine.