So I have been on Vyvanse for the past three months. Being a stimulant, it was able to help me manage my sleep patterns, and was an excellent suppressant of my ADD symptoms.

Recently I have come off the drug for winter break. I have noticed myself sleeping for outrageous lengths, up to 18 hours. At first I attributed this to the stress of finals, seep debt, and the winter weather. However, It's just struck me that it's possible this may be a withdrawal. I've also noticed myself consuming considerable amounts of caffeine, perhaps I've been using it as a substitute? As well as an increased intake of calories, opposed to the unintentional fasting that vyvance has been causing me to do.

I'm not sure if these things are because of a sort of dependency, or simply an intensified awareness since I've been living without these habits for three months.

thanks, I'm grateful for any advice.