Have been out of controll! Flying! The mania had me. Dr put me on latuda 80. We gave it a month... Nothing!!Finally after oh... 6-8 months I begged him to help me!!Please the mania is ruining my life!!1st night on lithium I'm absolutely level! Problem: I feel so icky! Blah blah blah! Even went from 5. - 1 zanax today! Can anyone help me with this horrible blah blah blah feeling?!What do I do? I begged god to help me not be manic anymore now I'm no longer manic and I hate it! In my head I'm thinking I need some type of an upper! I'd give anything right now for just a little mania! I don't know how to function without it! I haven't done a thing today! I feel so very lazy! I'm not a lazy person! I go and go and go and go! Help!!! Confused! Oh it's 900 of the lithium, 600 of seroquil, 5 1mg of zanax a day a 30 and a 60 of cymbalta. Today i've only taken 1 1mg of zany. Might as well have taken 19 and 96897 of cymbalta ugh!!! I hate this! U must add a note! I've been waking up in a horrible state if fear and aniexity so bad ive been taking 4 zanax and both cymbaltas within 2 hours of waking up. Today ex: 1 zanax and 30 of cymbalta. Actually could have gotten awy without the cymbalta.