I was supposed to start Gilenya again today but my white cell count is high still, so me and my Neurologist talked about how I have been since the Chest Port was put in, and he said I have to be better then I am before we can try the Gilenya again. So this is the third time it has been canceled, so he said we can try again on the 14th of December. I have a question for anyone who is interested, When you have surgery here in the USA is it the custom to have to see your PCP instead of your Surgeon after the surgery is done?
I am asking this because me and my husband have tried to make a follow-up appointment for the Chest Port surgery because of the trouble I have since it has been placed, and each time we have called his nurse answers and tells me to go to my PCP to get checked out. I had my husband listen in on the third call just so he could hear how she was with me on the phone, lets say he didn't like how she was treating me either.
So has this happened to anyone else in the past? I have a long afternoon at the hospital having tests, so I will take my computer with me if anyone wants to talk.
Thanks Liz.