should I continue taking the pills as I've been doing and start the new pack a day early? or skip a day so I'm on schedule ?
Also .. I started about a week before I was supposed to get my period... I got my period like about 4 days later then when i usually get it... it has now been 9 days of my period... and it still hasnt gone away... when will this go away?
im also near the end of the packet... i believe i have 3 or 4 more blue active pills left ... i will be going to a doctor the day after tomorrow to discuss all of this... but i was hoping i might get some feedback on here as well..

ive went to different pharmacies, they all say different things..
one told me to replace the lost blue pill from another packet ( i really dont want to pay 50 $ for just one tiny blue active pill... )
another person told me it would be fine if i start the new pack early...
so im pretty lost as to what i should do ...