Hi everyone. I just started taking Saboxone about 4 days ago and it seems to be working ok so far. I am still having cravings and detox symptoms. I am on 4mg of Saboxone every 4 hours and its seems the life of the medication is not very long. Is that normal? I am committed to ending this opiate addiction and I really want this to work for me. It feels good not to be a prisoner of Vicodon or any other substances. I don't know much about Saboxone at this point and have been trying to do some research on it. I was taking 15-20 Vicodin 10mg a day and I want to know what the normal dose should be. I am taking the right dose? Has anyone had any bad issues with Saboxone? I woke up this morning and my body hurt so bad and i felt really horrible all day... what should I do? I dont want to take anymore pill... I am finally at a point where I am done and so tired of the chasing, control, being broke and the constant thoughts. Anyone have any ideas or thoughts?