Its between my little finger and ring finger, along with a "pathological fracture. Has anyone ever heard of this?
I have been suffering with the swelling for over two weeks afraid to complain due to my recent fall down stairs and fracturing my tail bone. The response I had then after the fall left me with such a depression the way I was treated, I wasted precious time getting a diagnoses. They have me in a splint now, and say I'll need surgery to repair this, and there is no other way to get it better, my hand looks like the cartoon "popeyes" hand. It's more painful than I can even express with words. The Dr. finally increased my percocet to two every six hours in stead of one. However, how well will pain meds even work after surgery? I've been on them for so long with all my other problems. I am terrified of yet another surgery. And as positive as I am trying to be, I am feeling really depressed lately. Like I'm feeling sorry for myself, and I shouldn't be feeling like this. This is so tough... any help would be greatly appreciated. Bless all!