so at the moment i have fallen on some financial difficulties and no longer have medical benefits. my doc contacted the brand name manufacturer of effexor xr to see if they have a compassionate care program to help with my costs. she had just succesfully helped a patient with insulin. well apparently effexor does not have this program and i have to say i find this very dissapointing! i will ofcourse have to scrounge the $200 a month for it because my health (and sanity) depend on it.
but what bothers me is that i feel effexor, should care enough about the recipients of their drug to atleast have this program available. what would happen to me if i had absoloutely no way to get this money??? don't they care about the health and well being of us? it just doesn't make any sense! I need this drug the same way a heart patient needs their meds!

Then, funny enough, after my doc hangs up with me my pharmacist calls to tell me there is a manufacturer shortage of effexor xr!!! how is this even possible!!! how could this company do this? i was always afraid to change my meds but i have to say that this really scared me and i am considering changing now. i did manage to find some at another pharmacy so for this month i'm ok. i guess i have basically lost my trust in this company and if anything, my meds are what i need to be able to rely on without question!