I was prescribed the 12 mcg and it had little to no affect on the pain, so they bumped to 25 mcg... I have been wearing it for well over 12 hours (i'm told this is how long it will be before it really starts working) and I am still in HORRIBLE pain. I actually had to leave work early because I couldn't stand due to the pain. I am wondering if I need a higher dose or if there is a possibility that this medication just does not work for all people... do you think it's the medication that is wrong for me or just the dose may be too low? I was very excited to try the patch and not have to deal with the rollercoaster of pain that comes with taking pills but now I am really hurting because I don't have the pills and the patches aren't helping. Any advice would be appreciated. Timeline of the patch: 1st applied a 12 mcg patch tues, thursday dr. prescribed 25 mcg patch and I applied that in place of the 12... any input is appreciated!