A year ago I was addicted to 60-80 mg Oxy a day. I was in an abusive relationship and of course Oxys became a control thing for him. I got sick of it and quit cold turkey. I was on Oxys for 2 years straight at this point. I obviously had no reason to be taking them, I do have real pain though and after being off Oxys and any other drug/alcohol for 2 months I went to the doctor to be treated. I have been on Norco for 6-7 months however I have been through withdrawal many times. 5 times to be exact. This time I am on my 48th hour exactly and I am as depressed as it gets and sweating constantly. Of course I have anxiety and crazy restless legs. I am so sad. I left my abusive boyfriend and got on the medication I need to be on. It stopped working though so I upped myself not wanting to ask the doc to be on more pain meds cuz I dont want to be on them. I self medicated and ran out in 2 weeks. I have no money, my finances are so messed up and I am going through so much right now I just want my pill back. This is why I do drugs, I dont want to feel all this sh*@