I was in a clinic for 16 yrs (40 mg- down to 10 and was on 10 for 5 of those years). I walked out 1 1/2 yrs ago and have taken 1 10 mg. per day but am tired of finding them when they are scarce so I opted to quit. I have taken 1/2 a pill (5 mg) for 4 days and will be out of pills in 3 more days. Should I try and get more and gradually go even lower or just bite the bullet and buy no more. I am 59 years old and do physical work so it may be hard but I am really into getting away from the methadone. Its going on 18 years since I got high , Buying the methadone makes me feel like I felt back when I used. Scouring around for it and all I want to do is keep working and living my life. I know with some support I can do it. Hope to talk with you soon.