On 15th I filled my prescription for pain medicine its a 14-15 day supply, I had surgery on the 20th which my pharmacist knew and my doctor went ahead and gave me my next new prescription and dated it for the 20th that day. When should I be able to get the new prescription filed its for same dosage take same way but the doctor told my husband if I was uncomfortable I could take a extra one so I did on Monday Tuesday and Wednesday. So the question is when should I be able to get it filed?? Also is there a exporation date on prescriptions? I also can't drive and I'm bedridden so I have to get rides when I can and my family lives out of town I have some friends stopping by but the place I get my medicines is twenty minutes away so I don't want to send someone to get it and they not fill it or ride over there and not get it filled and have to find another ride. I probably could get a ride Monday and Wednesday afternoon or Thursday morning.