Ok, I need help. Not sure where to turn. I just found out that my husband has been addicted to Oxycontin for the past 2 years. HOW STUPID CAN I BE? He makes pretty good money, but refused to ever let me see a paystub. Money continued to disappear! We're about to lose our home! I never could figure out why he was so secretive. I was on the verge of hiring a P.I. The only problem was, I had no money!!! He was spending ATLEAST $120.00 a day. My God, I'm an idiot. It got so bad that my children and I were hungry. I had nowhere to go. A friend of mine who is on food stamps has been bringing us grocery's. Thank God for her! Well, it all came to a head when he got robbed at some whole in the wall in a bad part of town. The guy stole his cell phone and called me. He told me EVERYTHING!!! I literally dropped to my knees. Seriously, the life drained out of my body. He admitted everything! He's on Suboxone's now and is really trying. Here's the problem, I CAN'T FORGIVE HIM... The way he let us sit here and suffer.. Not being able to pay my bills, eat, cloth my children, put gas in my car.. etc.. I swear sometimes I think I could kill him with my bare hands.. Someone PLEASE give some advise.. How do I get over this?? Also, his withdrawal symptoms are awful.. I want to help him, I'm trying. I'm just soooooooo flippin' mad and confused!!!