I know this is somewhat of a weird question..but, I am very upset... last time I got pregnant, I had been trying for 6 years and had surgery and everything. My twin sister was already 3 months pregnant on her first try... I knew she was pregnant before I found out I was pregnant, and was very jealous... so our daughers are 6 wks apart..now, after 6 years, she is pregnant again, and I know there is no way I can get pregnant again... I can't carry a baby, I have endometriosis, and know surgery would have to be done again, and I am 37 and can't wait another 6 years, plus HBP, and other med cond I have would make it impossible for me to carry it, raise it, and take care of my daughter, which I can barely do that now, with the baby... I am happy to be an aunt again, but, what do I do with these feelings that I have... I am angry at god, I am angry at her {which I know is wrong and feel guilty about that}... and I am angry that my body is forever tainted and can't do what I want it to do. I don't want to be a b@@@h, and I can't go around my family and act that way, I am trying to focus on my neice, because she will need her aunt and cousin now. but, very hard..does any one else feel this way... I have very little support for my med cond anyway, my husband is never here, my sister tells me if I am in pain, to get my fat a++ up and exercise..my mom, who has fibro and alot of the same conditions, says she has no sympathy for me because she lived for years without any meds, and was called a hypochondriac for 25 years... and I know i will get NONE now... I feel more alone than ever... I know my feelings are wrong, but how do I fix it... Need advice..I feel like such a selfish b+++ h right now, and don't want to... HELP PLEASE!