if the pharmceutical companies are evil and wanting so much money (these are things that i have heard thru hear-say alone)... why does the government care or the pharmaceutical companies care about the ppl with pain, using pain meds? its all a money game anyway. i was just sitting on my couch thinking of why i wouldnt be able to get a refil since my script was stolen. it would seem like they would want us to be on pills and push them on us so they can get more money if we got addicted. are they worried about being sued? i dont ever remember an addict suing??? idk i was just curious. they could get us all hooked and they could be way richer than they are now... while im sitting here broke as hell. i hate this shit. i hate the government. i hate doctors. and i hate the pharmaceutical companies! i hate everybody right now. i am in a bad mood. maybe i am finally starting my withdrawls!