It's really been hurting more than I expected. Today at physical therapy, when they unwrapped it the wound was quite red & hot to touch. One of the pins had also come out a little & was red & a little ozzy. Being Friday, I wish they had had me go upstairs & have the doctor check it out. They just rewrapped it, put my brace on, told me to check my temp all weekend,keep it elavated & quite typing! I told them it was mostly one handed. I really got scolded for being to active. Heck I thought as long as it was above my heart I could walk the dog etc... Noooo! I'm suppose to take my pain pills & stay down til the 26th when I see the doc again. What a bummer. At least my hubby is being so wonderful. He waits on me hand & foot. So anyway don't know how much I'll be posting, but my thoughts are with you all. Mary :o)