I know that it is another holiday weekend, I do have many hopes as well that everyone is goin to or pos are are having a very good time..If ur visiting family or friends, plz be safe and have fun!!! :}
My one and only small question though is also I spose a tiny update, or simply just kind of a need to know thing so any answer that anyone would want to suggest, they know my history at the least... I have been on 55 mg methadone now for 9 days, just moved up to that though that long ago as well. I was on the smallest amount 50mg a day, for the past month. My addictive thoughts are pretty much all gone, and the cravings. My worry and question now is. I could not get a ride to the clinic today, and Im in sum pain thats becomeing increasingly worse..So can I simply take sum IBprofin, Tylonal or sumthing over the counter & it work? I truely do not know everything just yet there is to know about what works, what is safe etc..etc..with taking methadone... Hense the question for now... So again, i know many of people are going to be busy, sum more then others... i am not in any kind of a hurry though for an answer right away, or anything... Thank for any or whoevers time I can get, n I greatly appreciate an answer of some kind... thank you!!!