I was on ortho tri cyclen lo for over a year. My doctor wanted to switch me to Junel 1/20. I finished my active pills of my last ortho tri cyclen lo and instead of taking my sugar pills i directly started the first active pill of the Junel 1/20 bc I had stuff going on and wanted to skip my period that week as I had done with my old birth control before. I usually take my pill at 8 every night but three nights ago I forgot and took it the next day around two and then my pill for that day at regular time. I then had sex with no condom until he was close to ejaculation then he would put a condom on and finish inside me but with the condom. This happened for three days and for those three days I took my pill pretty close to the same time every day maybe an hour or two off. I'm just wondering if switching birth control brands would have any effect on making it less effective or if me taking a pill almost a whole day late would. I was at the end of week two pills and just started the first pill of week three today.