im 20 years old and Ive been on jolivette for about 4-5 months. i take the pill faithfully at 7:30 every morning. My boyfriend and I did have unprotected sex about two weeks ago. My period is suppose to come in about two days. For the past two days the sides of my breast have been hurting. I have been pregnant before but my whole beasts including my nipples where hurting to the point where they felt like they were going to pop. I took a pregnancy test about a day ago to see if i was pregnant again and the test came out negative. the only reason i took the test 3 or 4 days before my missed period was because i did the same thing last time i was pregnant and 3 test came out positive. The pain that i am feeling now is like i put on a Bra that was to small and i didnt put it on all the way so the wires caused discomfort. The pain is bearable my boobs are a little swollen. Usually when i am about to get my period my nipples hurt the week before but this is completely new.