... placebo week) and I started spotting heavily or lightly bleeding. My husband and I had sex twice this morning and when I went to the restroom to cleanup I noticed some blood but thought little of it since we had just made love. I went to the bathroom a while later and once again when I wiped I noticed some blood. Is this ok? I've checked a few sites and have found some comments and questions similar to mine but those usually refer to breakthrough bleeding in the first 4 to 6 weeks. Should I continue taking to the placebo week and do we need to use back up birth control until then? I am also cramping lightly, almost like I do right before I start but like I said I'm still 2 weeks from the placebo. I was on Jolessa for about 5 years straight and then stopped taking it for another approximately 5 years. I have only recently started it again and this us the first time I've ever had any breakthrough or spotting that I remember. Thank you for your help