It was detected when she was 2 1/2 months old. She was put on Soda bicarb and potassium citrate and hydrochlorothyiazide. She is 8.5 years now. In last 5 years or more she had developed bone issue. She has had number of fractures in her legs and in arms. Her legs were operated to insert rush pins. She walked with the help of uwalker for a while but again since last 2 yr she seems to be having the fractures again. Now the arthopedic has decided to insert growing nails in her legs. My question is to anyone out there please help me if you know anyone who has similar issue the kidney and the bone plus is there anything that can stop the fractures from appearing all the time. She was given a medicen known as aminomax to stop the fractures. It worked for a year or so but even that does not seem to be working. somebody please help