... causes. Could it be Allergies? Could it be related to DIET? How about Climate? Currently have a painful, Itchy RED RASH on the inside (where elbow bends) both arms. Left as well as the right. This IS severe. My thinking is that I am TOXIC! That is way to much Steroids. Get a shot every six months. This time my Dermatologist
a week after the shot prescribed a Pregnizone Oral approach 5 days x 3, then 5 days x 2, then 5 days x 1. This Monday will be the final pill. In my opinion I am toxic (reaction to a strong Steroid. Please comment, worked for Johnson & Johnson Division Ethicon from 1959 - 1979. I please for some help. Thank you. Philip McKenney - 2817 Meadow Park Ave., Henderson, NV., 89052