If I'm late one more time to work I'm positive that corrective action will be taken place. Im trying really hard not fly off the handle and say something very stupid to my bosses. Which that has already happened bc I'm not in my right mind. And Im constantly feeling the urge to go to the bathroom all day. Then when I go I can't or only it's only a little bit. Ladies mostly would understand this I think. But It feels like you have a UTI only without the pain but with the urge to all of a sudden you got to go now! Oh and I'm overly sensitive. I almost cried at work bc CNN was showing part of the memorial service of Mandela. Then it showed our President Obama give the Cuban dictator person a hug. I know more then likely it was all for the cameras and keeping the peace. But still I almost cried and people think that I really lost it.

So my question is #1 what can I do or take or eat or drink that will get me through this while sitting at a desk for 8 hours.

#2 what will help my over active Blatter so I can get some sleep?

Thank you guys!