i take the following pills for my type 2 diabetes as follows
MORNING..2 glyburide 5 mg each = 1,000 mg, 1 metformin 1,000 mg
NOON... 1-500 mg metformin, 1-100mg Januvia,
DINNER... 2-glyburide 5 mg each = 1,000mg, 1 metformin 1,000 mg

question is watching my readings it appears the glyuride is doing nothing i take them and my sugar stays the same... BUT the Januvia does lower my readings VERY WELL but the 100 mg i've noticed that by mornings my glucose levels raise to a level not acceptable ... is there any history where Drs have prescribed more than one 100mg pill a day... i'm just thinking, any input would be greatly appreciated...