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Does IVIG cause false positive tests for HIV and hepatitis B and C?

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MASTERMAT 25 Jan 2014

Might, but that would be rare. really depends on how much IVIG you got. Might make the test positive. More likely would be that you have those infections. Any acute infection, can sometimes cross react and trip off an other infection test. If you got alot of IVIG. You would be getting it cause of an acute infection. Talk to your doc, and get restested. Hep c and HIV are common in people who do IV drugs and have shared needles or other non sterile equipment.

aztuffenuff 26 Jan 2014

This may be a dumb question but what is IVIG? I also agree that if you have been tested for HIV, Hep B and C you are positive. I am HIV positive since 1989 and had Hep C. I went through treatment and do not have Hep C anymore!! It was a tough treatment but I feel much better now!! free discount card

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