I've used vicatin for about 15 years but in small quantities . I would use about five a week. I had a bad back. Five years ago a boyfreind introduced me to Norose. I've been addicted for four years. I at first used one every four hour but soon it escaleted. I tried to stop not knowing of the nasty withdrawls. I go on and off but end up back on it so I can funtion. I was also introduce to Soma and Zanex. I kicked the Zanex which I used for sleep which was 2mg. Also, the Soma. It's been three weeks without Norcose. I only use Adavan as needed and Ambian which I just ran out of. Is it going to be hard to kick the Adavan? I'm positive this is helping me get through the depression. I'm bi polal have a Autistic 10 year old son and a older daughter. I'm feeling ok but I know this is it. I want to my old healthy self, my own place and just to be natually high. Please let me know if you have any suggestion. Oh yeah, I'm not working so my days are long. Should I execise , drink water ete. Also, since I'm Bi-polal I need to sleep but hate ambian. Any good sleeping medicines out there? Please if anyone has any tips to get me through the day I appreciate it. My questions are after a five year Norose habit , about 100 a week, how long before I start to feel better with this being the third third week? Also, I know the Adavan will have soon taper down but is it possibe to continue lower amount